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Your Favourite All Natural Skin Care Store.

Dream Mint is an organic skin care company that is the brainchild of CEO and Founder Lusharay Banton. Lusharay has been on her all natural skin care journey for multiple years and now has vast amounts of experience in choosing the right products for her skin care needs. These are experiences which have helped to formalize Dream Mint as the number 1 All Natural Skin Care Provider that strives to provide you, our valued customers, with all the healthy, skin loving products for your skin care needs.

Our Company Continues To Grow!

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Lusharay Banton

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Javes Johnson

Mission Statement

To provide high quality products that improve and maintain our customers’ welfare in a way that uplift and empower them.

Vision Statement

To help transform the lives of our customers by offering high quality self care products.